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Ford F-150 Ignition Coil Failure Due to Excessive Spark Plug Gap

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An illuminated Check Engine Light could indicate that one or more of the ignition coils has failed due to excessive spark plug gap. To fix this problem, the ignition coils that have failed, the spark plugs, and all coil boots should be replaced.

i was driving and i herd a pop like something hit my hood and then the truck sounded like a motorcycle, i took it to a friend and he said the # 4 plug popped out. so he fixed it for me but a year later i still have problems with misfire on #4 had new boots put in but every six months still misfires -
What is happening with these coils going is a few things. First the spark plug could be bad causing the coil to go and secondly the plug wire ends if they do not have di-electric grease packed in both ends, the least bit of moisture is enough to screw it up. These models have been known to have a bad design as far as the coils (in which #5 and #7 are ususally the culprits ) of letting water in the wells where the plug is. I am experiencing it also but have found a guy that knows exactly how to fix the problem. My conversation had just started and he stopped me and said, " Let me guess, this is whats happening " and he was spot on and continued to tell me how he has fixed them.... two weeks before he can get to it though....grrrrrr. -
If the spark gap is set to Ford's spec.s, what the h... is the gap that will keep the d... coils from blowing. I have experienced failures about every 3 to 6 months for the last couple of years. Going send me right back to Jap trucks. -
misses when i go to accelerate -
A couple years ago I was driving home and all the sudden engine light came on and car started sputtering/ misfiring around 50 miles per hour. Had full tune up done which cost a lot of money, replaced all spark plugs and coils. Since then every few months same issue with 1 coil = #5. Replace spark plug and coil/boot assembly and good for another couple months, pain in the butt. UNHAPPY Truck has been taken care of ... only has 115,000 miles and should not have to deal with this every few months :( -
engine was missing between 40-50 mph until the check engine light was continuosly lit no codes were revealed. mine was the number 1 cylinder i replaced just the one as 1,000 for all 8 is out of my budget. -
Vehicle started skipping intermittently, expecially noticable when I accellerated. I replaced the ignition coil. -
Engine cut out during light acceleration. More often on warm weather -
Bought used truck with 100K on meter; at about 120K, the engine began eating coils about 1 each year for the last couple of years. First was #4 in the summer, then #6 the following spring, now, #5 in the mid of winter. "Check Engine Light" didn't come on until the miss was very bad. -
Engine light came on ran test with scanner found a miss fire code. Found bad coil removed spark plugs all where bad along with one coil. 2 of the spark plugs where stuck in the head and had to be removed coasting extra money. now it runs great. -
For no apparent reason engine started running rough, I thought I had a flat tire at first. Made it to repair facility auto tech confirmed issue was related to ignition coil failure on number seven cylinder. Cost me 200 bucks to get it fixed. Ford may have put this engine together in Michigan but the parts associated with the problem were made in Mexico. Thanks NAFTA and Ford, i'm spent $40,000 on this truck for quality and that is what I expect. -
Multiple Coil failures...caused Catalytic converter failure. All spark plugs coils have been replaced by the dealer more than once. My truck continues to have coil issues. problem not resolved. -
check engine light came on.....ran rough, took to repair shop and had them plug into it to check the codes and sure enough the number four cylinder misfires. -
just had to replace one spark plug & coil @ 69,000 miles. Cost $300. -
Misfire on cylinders 3 and 8. Possible ignition coil failure. Still trying to evaluate the problem. -
Ran codes have two fouled plugs. Plugs are 3&4 oppisite of each other. Truck runs rough when warm and act's up at times when warm going down the road she fine good pick up But when coming to a stop it boags down. -
misfire on cylinder 3. New coil and spark plugs were installed, problem fixed. -
#3 spark plug ejected out of engine head -
missed everytime hit 3rd gear. 8 plug/coil replacement cost me $975. Ford wanted $1300 plus $75 for every plug which cracked during extraction, -
A loud "pop" came from the engine compartment on one occasion, and then on another occasion. After another 20 miles, the truck began stuttering under 2,000 rpm. I was on my way to my mechanic, and the engine light came on. The mechanic replaced plugs and two wires, acknowledging the "misfire" code. The problem was only partially resolved, as the light stayed on and the truck still runs somewhat rough. He advised that the blown plugs likely allowed raw gas to enter the exhaust system, and now one or both catalytic converters may be ruined. An exhaust specialist is going to try a back pressure test to determine the problem with the catalytic converters. This could end up costing me a total of over $1200. -
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