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Iam loosing power going up hills can't get it above 40 mph then flat ground it is all normal , this car has been a nightmare I replaced the throttle body and sensors on t body any other suggestions anyone has would b...
car was running check engine light came on still running i turned it off to go to store came be two hours later to find that there was no spark and no fuel pump priming when cranking
Engine light reads throttle sensor is not closing and opening properly. The cars engine revs up then stops and repeats on occasion. Repair shop states they can only order throttle from dealer, but if I can purchase t...
the cover is missing and I need to find low beam headlight fuse. high beams work no low beams. replaced bulbs already but no help.
How do I replace an internal fuel filter?
How to remove fasteners on top of hood lift struts.
Mostly seems to be on the driver front tire area. we put new/used tires on it a few months ago, and had them balanced with an alignment, but it seems to be getting really bad again. Any suggestions?
I need to know how the plastic comes off. Does it pop off, or do I have to pry it off.