Both lighters stopped working need to know where the fuse box is located at.

Need step by step instructions for changing my alternator on my 2003 hyundai XG350 ,4dsd

having problems with a fuse under the bonnet it's a ign sw-01 (pink fuse with 30 written on it) the fuse keeps blowing every time I replace it and leave it then go to start it clicks the. Won't start my Hyundai 2003 grandeur xg ??????

If it sits for a day or 2 its dead .throwing out 15 amp.

it is still misfiring on 2,4,6

low beam lights are not working

Mph, rpm and gear changing synchronization ratio?

What does car check at 64 miles??

I realigned the timing marks and checked for compresion ok. It started three times, ran rough, I noticed the TPS at the accelerator and at the throutle body were lose when i readjusted them it wouldnt start cause of no spark.

A transmission technician identified it as engine problem. They was no diagnostic codes. The auto repair shop changed out timing belt, plugs and wires, cleaned fuel system with sea foam engine treatment. They were unable to change out filter because is was a sock type in the fuel tank. I thought it was a simple tune-up but ended up a three day ordeal. They checked and verified no miss fires in the ignition system twice. My bill was $661. I would like to take the car to someone who knows what he is doing without just changing out parts. I am afraid to get stuck some place. Please help!!

No power to fuel pump

Just replaced the fuel pump and still have no power

My car will not start. I changed the starter and fuel pump and the gas flow is slow. Can you help me.It delayed to crank before this problem.