I just replaced the Valve oil seal of my XG 300 engine...but to my surprise after re- assembling the engine back and setting the timing , the engine didn't start. Please did I made any mistake somewhere? Because the engine is just rolling. What do I do?

when trying to accelerate car bogs and has no power

Code said something about throttle pedal.

Wondered if it is the computer?

This is a known problem with some Hyundai's, where the filter in the fuel fill tube clogs(?). I want to find the replacement part, but I don't have the service manual.

I have no power when I am going 60 miles an hour my rpms read only 1 rpm going up a hill I hardly make it up and when it is idling the rpm needle bounces up and down I replace the cytalic converter and it is still the same no power I need some help.

The last time is read 240 miles to empty, I put in 8 gallons of fuel and it still read 240 miles to empty.

Connected to the gear chamber. This plastic melted and exposed the prawns not it start whenever it want. When I turn it over there no noise except under hood, in the dash and trunk. But its recieving no power to engine. All the light work pn car,and dash.

When I told my mechanic that the vehicle was rough-idling when it was raining, the mechanic told me that it was due to the variable valve timing assembly. Another mechanic told me that it was due to a faulty EGR switching valve. If that is the case, then why is the hesitation only present during or right after a significant rainfall?