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We've had to replace the brake pedal sensor twice on my vehicle and it has been working fine until yesterday when leaving work. I tried to start it and I heard a "clunk" and then nothing. Not even a click. The lights ...
hi how to change the coolant sensor,& where its located. it is a 3.8lt v6,2008 Veracruz.
wy is my Veracruz keep missing, when I first stat it up in the morning. for about 20/30 second. after that it work fine
The tailgate goes up and immediately comes back down. It will not stay up. This started all of a sudden.
I replace the rear tires in size 245/60/18 and front tires 235/55/R18, making the vehicle slightly bent forward, but did not work properly and the oil leak in the gearbox and the 4wd indicator is on
i changed the timing chain tensioners but a noise is still
price on bcm module for 2008 hyunday veracruz.
Is this under warrenty and if it is then will I have to pay to have it replaced
A month ago the disc brakes were changed by a buddy. Other than that nothing. ESC illuminates OFF. Now I mashed the ESC OFF button several times, it goes from Neutral to Park and will not change from Park to anything.
How do you replace the brake light on the driver side