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I press the button on the steering wheel for cruise light and no light, and cannot hit the set button nothing happens.
While driving my wife's Tucson will begin to run rough and the tachometer stops working. She will pull the car to the side of the road shut the engine off and restart and everything goes back to normal. This problem...
This literally began today, just a few hours ago.although we have put about 3500 miles,since we bought less than 60days ago
the alarm that rings when you forget the key into the slot was stopped as well.
Suddenly my car's power window, headlight and signal lights not working.
my car slides laterally when the front tires hit water in the road its like losin control for a minutes on the car "by shifting the front tires laterally.is there is a problem in my car r its ok....they told me its ES...
How can I open the hood to chenge the battery or open the doors because now no way to open the door I have the remote control but not effect because the battery
the keyless entry fob problem when pressing the lock button the hazard light don't blink
the ac blows cold air then luke warm air ,i took it to the dealer and the mechanic says theres nothing wrong with it ,im very very dissapointed the car has less then 8000 miles on it