injectors were tested still no start up?computer box was tested just about everything still wont start. Hyubdai expert also trying for 3 days now and still wont start

When I shut the car off and restart it is ok

I replace the fuel pump and spark plugs but no changes


They come on together just driving down the road no matter what the surface conditions are. Doesn't seem to affect the car at all they just come on.

Drove in flooded roads and the next day I could not move the transmission does not work

Hv to manually push it up but it never stops there and comes down as soon as i leave the door.

While driving the DBC red light comes on and so does the ESC indicator. I stop the car cannot put it in park. I shut it off in Neutral, restart and sometimes it will go into park, sometimes I need to drive forward a bit and then it will go into park. Any solution for this problem?

Where is the fuel pump and filter locate don a 2010 Tucson?

how to remove back panel of front seat?