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won't start put new fuel pump in
leak is at the piece that is a metal hose that disappears into the internal engine area.
My ABS, ESC and Emergency brake lights came on while going over railroad tracks and they won't go off. How much do you think this will cost and what parts need to be replaced?
I was about to climb a hill and it is the first time it happened
Can get starter to disengage when in park and neutral by moving key slightly towards start and hold the position. Let go and starter engages again.
Loosened brake pipes on this wheel and see no fluid coming thru when pressing brake pedal. Can this be the ABS?
When I turn my ac on it makes a loud clicking sound and does not blow any air.The clicking sometimes will stop and it will blow cool air for a short time but then goes back to clicking again.
Occasionally when trying to start the car, it will turn over but not start. If you leave it far a minute or two and try it again, it will start. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance
Engine shutting off too often and the strong gas fumes
Gauge will hit the high end and then go back down to about half way. Also, the a/c will blow cold at first, then blows hot. Are these issues related?
When air condition is on, and I take a left hand turn, I hear a water swishing sound. Water wets the passenger side carpet. The AC drain doesn't leak outside, the drain is blocked. How do I unblock it, and where is...
My horn started blarring for no reason when I stopped for gas. Couldn't get it to stop even after pressing button on key pad. Couldn't start car while horn blarring. Did this three times in a row but finally stopped o...