if that code comes up what dose it mean and is it a common problem

What type/brand of transmission fluid is most appropriate/best for my vehicle?

No codes found when scanned, no check lights on. Tranny and TPS changed. No help. Not working approximately 4 months.

I went out of town for 10 days left my car parked nothing was wrong with it at all before leaving it. I came back home and my car would not start, it turned over but would not start. I could not hear the fuel pump turn on so I replaced the fuel pump and sending unit. This did not fix my problem my car is still not turning over. I checked fuse under hood for the fuel pump it is good. Can anyone please help me, I don't know what else it could be please lead me in the right direction. Thanks!

I have had trouble with no sound coming from the radio intermittently. Usually stopping engine and restarting would fix it. I don't know if weather has anything to do with it but it seems to happen in extremely cold weather. Now the display light is on and I cannot shut it off. Have tried pulling out the fuses but that didn't do anything. Any suggestions?


On trip to Paris from Toulouse,stopped to refuel. Partner could not get tran(manuel) into gear. Finally after pressing clutch several times forced it into gear and proceeded to return to Toulouse. Had the dealer look at it and was told it was air in the line and to pump the clutch several times. An air bubble caused the problem. Started to head home and the problem returned, pumped clutch after several stops when unable to engage gears. The problem is solved temporarily, what is really going on? Any similar problems?