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While changing out my winter tires two days ago one of the studs on the front stripped. I bought a new stud and nut and proceeded to take it apart. I was anticipating just knocking the stud out the back of the hub, bu...
I need GDS software free  or any software to diagnosis it can be install under windows and connect with iCar Bluetooth device
I have a 2006 Hyundai Tucson with the 2.7 V6 engine. The engine runs extremely rough when accelerating, but can't accelerate basically out of first gear. The engine has been replaced along with the throttle posit...
What is serial number of Automatic transmission used hyundai 2006 tucson 2.7 Like 4L60E
my starter is out need to replace it is it a big job or can i do it myself i am good it fixing cars i never put a starter on this car but put hundred on other cars
Check engine light came when running the car on the interstate. After a day it went away but the code was still in the computer (P07). Local mechanic said to have it seen by a transmission specialist. Trying to fig...
need to know how to get the mechanical end of the egr unit out
Car jerks and bucks cuts off. Code 721 in computer
This usually happens everyday we have had the oil and oil filter changed but nothing has changed
My 4 wheel drive light in the dash board keeps flashing, why is this, it's a 2006 hyundai tucson
Losing coolant even when the car isnt driving. Had all hoses replaced. Still losing coolant. Taken to two mechinics including dealer. Dealer does not see issue with engine at all. So its still a mystery why its losing...