what would cost that

While driving my ESC off light comes on. I press the button and the light don't go off. If I restart it light will stay off until I get on a bumpy road then it comes back on. My passenger side wheel has a vibration and feels wobbly, I recently had my struts done and alignment done 5 times and it still isn't right.

does any one know what it might be?

interior lights don't work

The indicator lights are (green) as to show that the A.C is on,yet there is no air coming into the car. This happens also when the A.C. is not in use and the fan is.

No sign of leakage, full oil replacement 4 wks ago. Put another litre in to get home. Light still on.

my 2006 Hyundai tuson just die on the free way with my kid and will not start but is trying I repace the fuel pump that cost 311,00 and still it trys but wont kick over help

While changing out my winter tires two days ago one of the studs on the front stripped. I bought a new stud and nut and proceeded to take it apart. I was anticipating just knocking the stud out the back of the hub, but Hyundai has a dust shield behind the hub which can't be removed with the hub in place. The "proper" way to do the repair would be to remove the front wheel hub which I am not equipped to do. I am thinking about taking my dremel tool, cutting out a small section of the dust shield so that I can rotate it to R & R the stud. I see no point in paying big bucks to a garage for the hub R & R. What do you think?

I need GDS software free 
or any software to diagnosis it can be install under windows and connect with iCar Bluetooth device

I have a 2006 Hyundai Tucson with the 2.7 V6 engine. The engine runs extremely rough when accelerating, but can't accelerate basically out of first gear.

The engine has been replaced along with the throttle position sensor and the computer.

It was suspected that the TPS was not working properly making the engine idle very rough and acceleration almost impossible. All the wiring has been checked multiple times for a pinched wire but the mechanic did not find anything wrong with that. There are no codes being returned by the computer but when monitoring the sensors with the engine running it reports that the intake temperature is -54 degrees and the throttle position sensor is at 34.9 constantly even when idling. The tps numbers start normally at 3 or 4 then after reeving the engine up and down a few times it stays at 34.9 or a similar number even if the TPS is unplugged. The mechanic has tried 4 different TPS sensors during the diagnostic. The old computer and the new computer both report the same numbers when monitoring the sensors. Any ideas on what to check would be helpful.