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car drove fine all day - cluch got hard and soft. Fluid levels are okay
I have been having issues with the Dual Mass Flywheel currently in the vehicle i.e. clutches constantly going out, so I am currently looking for quotes on a Single Mass Flywheel kit and clutch replacement.
why can't I get fuel to my fuel injectors so I can crank my car
The belt is cracked, mechanic told me it ony runs my a\c, just want to make sure if it breaks, nothing else will.
I was told by the Hyundai service dept. that it was ok.But everything I read says you should do both struts at the same time. What is the consensus on this site?
2007 tiburon v6 automatic can't shift from from neutral to drive hard shifting in and out of gears
I Have a 07 TIB. Its a 5 speed with a v6. It started sticking in gear i have the clutch completely down and it will not budge. Some times if i give it a lil extra tug not much it will but sometimes it wont. If i keep...
my tiburon is VERY short on power all the sudden and fuel enjector fluid doesnt work. im not sure wat i need to replace?
auto trans slips and bangs hot or cold all the time