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Can I have the oil pan rethreaded or tapped out instead of buying a new one.
I just replaced rear brake pads before going on a road trip. I noticed on the trip while driving at interstate speed without brakes applied a subtle rubbing sound similar to the pad replacement indicator sound when b...
we replaced the sensors two times the first ones were Aftermarket and the last ones were OEM strait from the Dealer but the light comes back on after driving for 150 miles. I failed inspection for the oxygen sensor co...
On hwy if fine. replaced alternator. Also loud elect hum coming thru speakers.
in the front pannel the check engine light is on when engine is running, what thes mean?
there is black smog with engine running and the light in dashboard in the front panel, checkengine is on,while engine is running.
the check engine light came on while driving. the diagnosis gave code po736 and po700. what does this mean and is it expensive to fix?
after like 3 to 4 rpm my tiburon makes a rattle noise or a ticking one dont know how to explane it was is it?
colour change out from red to blue of dashboard lights.
Complete system shut down by vehicle while driving at hyway speeds. 3000 dollars later (timing belt, cylinder carbon clean out) experieced second complete shutdown. Lost control, overturned, hit embankment. Air bags ...
Does the 4 cylinder Tiburon motor have a timing belt? If so, what is the change interval?
how would i change my front brake rotors on a 2005 tiburon?
I just recived a check engine light yesterday on my Hyundai Tiburon and took it to Autozone to run a check engine light test on it. The codes that came back were P0171 and P0170? The possible problems were system too ...