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i replaced bearing 1 yr back checked its still good i hope transmission is ok how can i know if cv joint is bad and not the transmission or axle to
After cleaning the maf sensor with CRC maf sensor cleaner, the CE light is OFF, but car still runs rough. Would replacing the maf sensor be the next step? Any help is very much appreciated, thank you!
If you turn it off for awhile (could be 2 minutes could be 1 hour) then turn it back on it blows cold. It does not seem to need a charge. Someone told me it could be a sensor that is in the dash- what do you think
I have checked all the fuses and relays and it still wont crank the fuel pump is on but it still acts like its not gettinh fuel wat could be the problem and do yall have a wiring diagram to the engine wires
A friend of mine who is a mechanic-in-training replaced my clutch. I have no idea what happened, but after he installed my $450 clutch, it was having engagment issues from the get go (I chalked it up to me getting use...
heat do not work
In the last year or so, my car makes what I'd call a squeaking/bubbling noise when cold. It's not very loud or anything, but it's noticeable -- even more so when the clutch and/or gas are depressed. This only happe...
I have to step on the brake otherwise it will go very fast. Thank you very much. Rafael Suazo sr
it doesnt do anything ,no crank no dash lights only inside dome and hazard lights work
The a/c blows really cold just when i switch it to heat, it never gets hot
Had to jump start the car-turned on but turned off. Second jump worked but now the check engine light is on. Is the alternator? battery or something worse?