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I also replaced plugs and wires it bubbles up and runs hot. Why?
just pulled it and when i did i cant move the clutch lever by hand is this normal is it under that much pressure?
I have gears 1, 2, 5, and reverse. When shifting into 3rd and 4th the shifter just flops back and 4th. I followed the 2 cables to the transmission, and if I push down on the piece that they are tied into and move arou...
15 minutes before it starts again ,it will spend over just will not start but if you wait awhile and go back 15 to 20 minutes it will crank
Is there a time frame on recalls?
30 mins or more and the gears jerks when I first start it and drive & when I try to pick up speed it jerks. Also I just had the alternator fixed.
my car overheats when it idles sitting still, and runs okay when driving,whats wrong?
what would make my front wheels lock up and not move?
Vehicle was looked at by a mechanic and told me I needed to replace computer on vehicle.
gas backs up after a few seconds of of pumping at the pump
Car failed smog because of no communication. My car stereo was stollen. Does power get drawn from there? It's the only difference from last year.
Hello, My daughter recently purchased her 5speed, 99' Tiby with 58,000 miles and its in fine shape. After her first week of driving it she went to the pump and filled up with regular unleaded. Right now the car is bar...
i have a 1999 tiburon with an automatic. The trans went into safety mode. i replaced the trans and it is still in safety mode ( 3rd gear only). Is there any way to fix this?