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city driving steering is great, but get upto highway speed and the assist shuts down causing a dead spot which takes considerable effort to turn the wheel. assist does eventually engage, but always it is after the S-W...
Is this an extensive repair that requires many parts to be stripped out of the car?
In Jan I got a 2013 sanata. First time I filled up distance to empty miles was 503. After that fill up the miles to empty started decreasing. Just filled up and it said 435 miles to empty that is a major diff to me.
Hi, owned a 2012 ford focus and traded that nightmare for a 2013 Hyundai Sonata gls 2.4l. Started noticing a whine from engine, told by dealer this was normal, is it? a howl from under the vehicle not all the time, j...
If my car has a non HD radio can I buy an OEM HD radio,used or new & just install it and will it work with no further mods to the car?
At 12000 miles my transmission began clunking, jerking and shifting irregularly. Took it in several times over a two month period and Hyundai could never diagnose. Ultimately a code was thrown after two months indicat...
I am thinking it might be the starter but how can I know for sure