2013 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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Could wash window was working and just stopped washing

Suddenly I lost all audio for am/fm, NAV, phone (But mic still works), and SAT

no fuel pressure after doing value job

What could be the cause of the above problem?

Bought new brakes 2 days ago and put them in followed all proper procedures but later in the same day i bought and put them in my car started doing this jerk pulls and when i checked my brakes they are uneven (wear) and not fully in place and i tried everything but nothing. Also the caliper is touching the outside of the brakes.

I was initially the starter. Now he saying it's something else. Maybe the flywheel. Car won't crank. Would crank after several tries but now nothing.

I have a 2013 Sonata GLS. I was inspecting my headlights and I've found that though the wiring appears correct from all videos I've seen, the high beam, which is supposed to be in the INSIDE on both sides is lighting up on the OUTSIDE of both sides. What the heck is going on? Better yet, how can I repair this myself? I'm fairly handy.

When I go over 55, the car is all over the road and the steering wheel feels like it wants to lock up. Dealer replace steering wheel column. Took it back-dealer said HECU was bad. $1600, problem still exist.

checked under carriage and also column to see if "worm" is a problem. mechanic said it is not. what should i check next. noise occurs at startup when wheel is turned in an idle position.

city driving steering is great, but get upto highway speed and the assist shuts down causing a dead spot which takes considerable effort to turn the wheel. assist does eventually engage, but always it is after the S-Wheel is pulled more than is needed to hold a straight always zigzags down the highway. Hyundai techs adjusted the setting to a lighter mode,a slight improvement
I asked if there was a speed sensor involved. they told me no
My wife refused to drive the car. I only use it around town as its hard work on the highway
odo reading 1s 13500 km or 8400 miles

Is this an extensive repair that requires many parts to be stripped out of the car?

In Jan I got a 2013 sanata. First time I filled up distance to empty miles was 503. After that fill up the miles to empty started decreasing. Just filled up and it said 435 miles to empty that is a major diff to me.

Hi, owned a 2012 ford focus and traded that nightmare for a 2013 Hyundai Sonata gls 2.4l. Started noticing a whine from engine, told by dealer this was normal, is it? a howl from under the vehicle not all the time, just sometimes (sounds like under seat, even at idle) deal says cannot detect, tightened the exhaust connections and pressure washed the baffles--still makes noise. A noise from rear wheels like a thud, thud sound between 60km/h and 100km/h then can't be heard. Jacked up rear end and checked tires for broken belts--NONE and balancing weights are there, then spun wheels seems to catch on brake shoes on spot on the rotors. Would this cause this issue? Nothing heard from wheel bearings

If my car has a non HD radio can I buy an OEM HD radio,used or new & just install it and will it work with no further mods to the car?