2011 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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I am reach up behind my rear seats try to release the seats and I don't feel any release tab? Where is it

The passenger side mirror is broken.

I do not drive this car often, for pleasure.. not business. Weekends mostly, short trips.

I fill up and the gauge still does not show full. Warranty expired, is this an easy fix?

I look in the driver side fuse compartment and under the hood can`t figure out which one it is because it`s not labeled

Does the 3 owners effect on resale. As i am a student i am taking it for 9900$. What wlse i need to check.

Idling high need tap accelerator to lower idle, would not start with jump.

gas gage levels are erratic
falsely reported alternator problem
falsely reports low tire pressure

check engine light went on after getting battery changed code#p0106 what would make thiscode come on how do I fix

Why is my car falling apart ? Steering coupler, cv axles, shift pad, fan modual runs hot , loud noises when you hit bumps and going 65 m ph , loud clicking and vibrating in steering wheel ,car shakes, and the tires wear out , need new tires every year when others have their for much longer ! I am a stay at home mom and the car is only used for short distants.Husband has work truck ! But I bought this car used and the warranty ran out and now the night mares begin, I would not suggest noone to buy a Sonata of any make or model , cause they seem to fall to pieces ...then it becomes your problem that you can't afford to fix, broke down car with babies and a high car note and insurance, recalls don't come out fast enough but it's funny to read that others are having the same trouble ! What to do ?

I'm second owner; service warranty thankfully covered engine replacement. Certified dealership wants to discuss offering "good deal" on another vehicle. I wanted a break from car payments, but don't want unexpected major mechanical problems to develop (that probably won't be covered under service warranty.) NOTE: Recently had transmission flush to coincide with engine replacement.