2009 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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I have a 90 hyundai sport and havent switch out a front wheel drive
I would like to now if it come out from underneith
And do i need to drop the front sub frame

growling noise in front end while driving and noise does not change when accelerating or decelerating or when turning to the right or turning to the left and changes with rpms

I just had the transmission fluid replaced and there is no diagnostic code registering. But there is a definite clunk on decelerating.

Dealer says no codes are present. Problem can happen once or six times in a row. Car will restart right away.

I've noticed that I can smell gasoline sometimes when the car is started and i'm putting the kids into the back seat. This isn't all the time, only some of the time. Could this be dangerous? The check engine light has been on for a while.

My car runs fine and has only about 70K miles on it. I've noticed that it makes weird noises when i'm sitting in heavy traffic, with lots of stops and starts. mostly when i press the brakes, it almost sounds like a crunching metal noise... Brakes work fine otherwise and i don't notice the problem when car has been running at normal/high speeds.

check engine bulb is out fail inspection cluster is out cant find the bulb

My 2009 Hyundai Sonata has a flashing check engine light, mildly shakes when in park and when I accelerate it starts to shake a little bit more.

So my "expert" roommate decided he'd add almost a whole can of r134a to my 2009 Sonata and I believe it's overfilled. How do you discharge and get the pressure back down around the correct amount?

Since the starter was replaced the dome and reading lights don't work, the remote key lock doesn't work the clock doesn't work and the TPMS light will not shut off.

We have replaces the fuel canister by the filler neck and the evap valve under the hood and it did not fix the problem

Whenever you try to put gas in the car, the gas pump nozzle doesn't keep the seal unless you put your whole weight on it to keep it in, and if you let the suction go the gas spurts out. The check engine light stays on.


OBDII code P0336 / Crankshaft position sensor A circuit range/performance.

Sometimes two times in a day, sometimes once in two days, my engine stalls while the car is running and power engine light is on. Then, I start the car immediately without any problem and it's running like it did before.
i recently changed the spark plugs, but it doesn't help.

What could be the problem? If it's the sensor problem, where is the location in order to change the same one.

Thank you in advance,