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The vehicle has a 5-speed automatic transmission. When shifting out of park to reverse the engine makes a loud clunk sound and a brief grinding noise once the vehicle starts to move backwards. upon shifting into Drive...
The harmonic balancer pulley fell off a few days ago, so we had the dealer replace it ($370.00). Immediately after this, the engine began making loud noises on start-up for a couple of seconds. Now the dealer thinks w...
I don't know the method to change the bulb.
this is what read out on machine said
The mirror was broken off, the mechanics still work, but the plastic below and around where the mirror was is broken.
It does this intermittently. Anyone know what causes this?
rear right side power window will not roll up and I can hear the regulator working.
I've checked all connections and fuses , thought maybe the computer would have to be reset but I can still disconnect the battery cable and car goes dead , that tells me its still something with the alternator but what ?
Is the fuel pump on a 2006 sonata under the back seat?
i scanned the code and thats what it says i need
the engine makes a tapping noise when idling...havent driven it yet for fear of damaging it more
this problem just started yesterday, is it a serious problem?