Top part spins but will not turn bottom part, so cannot get the whole cap off.

Brakes and oil changed and then we were told the engine had seized afterward. Hynd.2006 Sonata 4cyl. engine Been told by several respected mechanics that this is puzzling and unusual for this year, model, make, car. What could have caused this?

right blinker light stays lit up on the inside of my car but blinker lights won't blink on outside. Also when I switch the blinker on all my lights light up in side my car (radio light, heater light, gear shifter lights etc..). ?? Is out the wiring or is it my blinker switch?

My car was recently damaged (divers side door)in a vehicle accident(01/02/15) Happy Hyundai where I have been taking my car for all it's services said they do not have a body shop but said that they send all their customers cars to this shop for collision damages "Bennett Auto Rebuilders"
I noticed you have them listed in your repair pal can I rely on their doing a good job in the repair of my car

Does it in the morning. Front brakes. They are getting much louder but goes away after a short time. Pads and rotors are good.

The car runs and handles fine however when you go over a bump it really squeaks and groans as if the rubber bushings need greased. What needs replaced?

broken front drivers door handle is broken . it looks the same to me.

I just had a output shaft speed senor fixed on my car. The check engine light is on. The car jerks a little and when I try to put the car in reverse it jerks. sometime when I put my foot on the gas it don't always go. What can I do to fix it.

stayed on for i know 2 hours after car is off

My transmission is currently stuck in 3rd gear and my check engine light is one. An auto parts store read the code and said I need a Shift Solenoid D. I need to know if this is something I can fix myself. Thanks

51,000 miles on car. 1 year ago ac blowing warm, replaced 2 leaking O-rings. blowing warm 1 year later, no leaks, replaced 2 shredder valves ok for about 1-2 months. blowing warm again- possible evaporator coil replacement? touching center left vent warm air touching right center vent little cool and radio station number blurring out. Possible problem and cost?