Recently noticed that the automatic climate control on my 2006 Sonata stopped working. The temperature readout still shows desired interior temperature but nothing happens when dial is turned all the way up or down. When in manual mode, the heater fan will adjust faster or slower when dial is turned so I still get heat/ac but only by dialing manually. If I switch to automatic mode, the fan will operate in whatever setting it was in when in manual mode. Could this be a defective heater blend door?

installed a new transmission that that had only 73k on it and it works great but want up shift

Changed the fuel filter and the car still don't run please help

AC works fine with new fuse but only lasts for serveral minutes

I try to start the car and nothing happens, no lights. I've checked the battery, starter already and nothing wrong. This has been going on for a few years. If i move the gear into drive and back to park and wait 5 minutes the car starts up and has no more problems for the day.

The right side of the front of the car just seems to keep bouncing when i hit a little bump in the road

This happens all of the time. After driving for a while it seems to stop

Bigger bumps always cause a knocking noise under the car . Only bumps cause the noise. I think it's more in the front of the car.

El faro derecho delantero tiene un bombillo indicador y de ciudad el indicador funciona pero la ciudad no y ya le pusimos un bombillo nuevo y hace lo mismo

Un dia corrimos el asiento hasta el tope de atras y ahora no corre hacia adelante

When i have my seat belt on while in driving it chimes and will not stop

Mostly an issue in stop and go traffic. This is a recent experience.....no check engine light indicator comes on.

The check engine light appears to be burnt out during my car inspection. If I could get some instructions on how to access this bulb so that I can change it with a fresh one it would be greatly appreciated. Also if someone could provide me with the type of bulb I need to replace it that would also be very helpful.

I do know to to remove the casing under neath my steering wheel and how to remove the plastic portion that is just above the steering wheel as well. Just need instructions on how to access this bulb and if it is possible for me to replace myself.

Check engine light is on 2006 hyundai sonata