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I hear a light ticking not a knocking sound. The rpm gauge jumps when idle.
While driving rpm will jump up on there own does not change my speed they just jump up and thAn go down speed stays the same and twice my car acted like it did not want to start like if it had no gas?
My car rpms will jump up while I'm driving. Does not go any faster stays the same speed I'm driving. Also a new symptom it happened twice after shutting it off. Acted like it did not want to start, like it was not get...
Cost to replace timing belt
Where can I go to have a Drive Cycle done on a Dyno? I can not do the drive cycle. It is too hard & time consuming to be done on the freeway or expressway. Any advice would be appreciated.
pull away it goes back to normal replaced water pump and timing belt problem persists
When I run the car idle in cold weather the heater blows cold air, even when Engine temp is up to normal. When I accelerate or run at speed the heater blows hot air. When stopped at a light it begins blowing cold air ...
It doesn't sound right when turning it I've.any suggestions