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i get the error every 300 to 400 miles and each time I reset The computer. How can I fix this problem?
I would like to replace my cabin air filter.
i added a can of r134a and all of a sudden it started blowing hot then cold then humid then cold i drove it to work at night and noticed that the headlights and dash lights flicker along with the car loosing power i p...
after reading the code, it shows a p0320 sensor problem.{ engine rpm Is this a difficult and expensive repair? we reset it once and it later came back on. thank you.
I have 76000k on engine. Just got engine warning light. All looks good under hood. anything else to look for?
I changed the belt today on my 2004 hyundai sonata today. A/C now only blows hot air. Is this a coincidence or could I have done something when changing the belot?
I had a diagnostic check on my A/C and they said the expansion valve is bad and needs to be replaced. They quoted me $222.78 with labor. Is this something I can do myself? Also, where is the valve located?
squeal in engine after spraying surpentine belt,car does not overheat,what can it be,thank you.
How do you remove excess play in steering?
How much would it cost to replace my windshield wiper switch?
how long should a timing belt last in mileage and months?
Is there a fuse for the cruise control function in this vehicle and if so where is it located and how is it labeled?
occasionaly , the spedometer quits working while driving at any speed . also the cruise control disengages .Maybe related to the speedo issue ?
I went through the car wash and the antenna stopped working.
Wipers were able to function at slower speeds but moved very slowly across windshield. This has happened once before (about 6 months ago). Is there a simple repair for this?