sometimes it just wont start

Took to mech said computer not reading temp correctly.He changed t-stat,then i changed temp sensor.disconnected plug and fan came on.also turn on ac and heater and temp goes to hot.Could radiator or water pump be issue,drove on street and got a little hot,just below half,took on freeway ok.seems if air flow good temp stays just below half.

Is firing replace coil runs 5 minute s starts doing same

The car has a pretty rough idol when it warmed up and in drive. Not as bad in park or neutral.

Leaking gas ...

the controls that regulate where the heat comes out into inside of car ( vent, defrost, floor..) does not lite or work heat onle blows to floor, can not change? any help would be appreciated

Check engine light on and car jerks while on drive or reverse

The car was running rough and engine light came on, someone told me that my two cylinders were bad. He made the light turn off and the car wasn't running rough, but now I started my engine light is back on wondering if I can still drive the car to go to work. What can happen?? Please advise

2004 Hyundai Sonata.
Problems with lights: When pressing brake pedal, internal light/dashboard, rear brake, & sidelights turn on.

When turning on the knob to turn on the lights, rear windshield light, rear brake lights & rear sidelights turn on. Additionally, the front foglights & front sidelights turn on but not the general-use/low-beam lights. High-beams work properly when turning the high-beam knob but not the general-use/low-beam lights.

I checked the fuses under the hood & inside the vehicle - everything checked out fine. What is the cause of this problem & what must be done to resolve this issue?

There is extensive damage to the front of my Sonata. The hood is damaged showing part of the engine. The car still starts. When it was towed back to my home, I tried to park it more straight in the parking space and it was very hard to steer to the right.

Had Auto Zone do a test and the results said !. open or shorted fuel injector, 2. open or shorted electrical circuit and 3. high fuel pressure, fuel line blocked. What needs to be done and where are the fuel injectors on a 2004 Hyundai Sonata V6 2.7l?

Was just told that my 2008 Hyundai ac compressor went out. Also mentioned dryer. Had fan on and heard a noise then smells burnt rubber.

1. Is the compressor and dryer the same?
2. Will it hurt to continue driving without fixing. Was told $600 for part, $400 for labor.
3. Can I continue to use fan to defrost windows withouth huring anything else?