Will it keep it from running?

After it blew off and shattered on the road while driving on highway 59 in SE Kansas Dec.26, we noticed rust on the seal--moisture must have seeped in over the years. We took it to a car glass shop. They couldn't replace it. We can't drive with a roof, so where/how/who can replace it? And how much will it cost?

It would also stall out when i would put gas

This was my reading when it went through Emissions.
Monitors Not Ready:
Oxygen Sensor
MIL Remains lit at key-on-engine-running
MIL Commanded On
1 Trouble Code Reported:
P0056 HO2S Heater Circuit Bank 2 Sensor 2

The car wash a jerk but continue to stay on then there will be a clicking sound under my dashboard in the car will shut off. It happens at least 3 times a day.

When I start the car from a cold start the ABS & Hand Brake Light goes off. After a warm start the ABS & Hand brake light stays on.

I am looking for my first car, and have today been out trying a Honda
Accord 2003 (90,000miles, 4cyl) and a Hyundai Sonata 2004
(88,000miles, 6cyl). Both at the price of $3,500. The Honda seemed more
smooth in its drive, however, it needs a windshield repair due to cracks
and a new back light. The Hyundai felt heavier and not as smooth as the
Honda, but looked almost as new + had a more trustworthy seller. Any
suggestions on which one might be better to consider?

Hyundai Sonata 2004 Gls 2.7 v6

It has over 100,000 on it. Minimal maintenance.
Sears just checked it out, ran an engine cleaner and replaced some fluids. Battery is old but it's not due to battery. Sometimes it restarts, but now it will not restart.

Replaced my radiator, which was cracked. I think the crack was because the fans are not working.

emissions. Monitor catalyst, and Monitor 02 readiness not ready.

Its a 2004 sonata with 6 cylinders please help

Car was working fine. One week ago heat gauge registered almost 1/2. Usually it registered a little over one third. Engine does not seem to be running hot. Should I replace thermostat? Or the heat gauge?

When it starts, it won't idle. I've had the fuel pump replaced but it still happens.