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The timing belt in my sonata has went out and i needed to know if it was a Interference or Non-Interference engine, so i could save money. I know that if it is a Interference engine then i need to replace it, but if i...
drove car ,went to store came out and started to miss
Every time after fueling the car I try starting the car won't start I try again and car starts. The engine light is on.
How to test the crankshaft sensor? And what else could cause this?
sensors fuel pressure control replaced evap canister removed all pellets from fuel an airlines i have no vacuum leaks injectors are working i have not checked fuel pressure i do not have a tester can anyone help? than...
3 mechanics tell me different stories of what may be causing the gas smell. Vacume cannister over flowing? Fuel pump problem? fuel injectors clogged? Only smell the gas when starting after the car has been ...
and checked wiring why wont the low beams work?why do only the brites work?
I looked next to the air filter along the big black hose but nothing with a plug on it. Can anyone help?