2002 Hyundai Sonata Questions

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Location and description of any sensors on transmission

Transmission won't shift correctly in drive but will shift correctly in reverse and sends shift solenoids a,b,c,d codes to the scan tool

Where can I get a new one and how do I replace often do they go out

changed tps sensor and disconnected neg batt terminal . seemed to be fixed.
lasted one day then reoccurred. removed battery neg terminal again. now seems repaired. probably will not last . What now? diagnostic connector is inop.

Everything else drives fine except when driving and trying to speed up the car is also slightly sluggish or bogged down.

not registering nor is my tachometer. What could cause this ?

I turn on the heat/AC and the AC light flickers, but immediately goes away. Heat does not work and AC switch will not even light up if I hit it. In the past few months, the heat/AC would cut off randomly while I was driving, but come back on after a while. I talked to my regular dealer about it and they said that it may be a short in the switch. It appears that whatever the problem is has gotten worse and that my AC/heat has stopped working completely. I would like to know the problem and a ballpark estimate on how much it would be to fi it, if possible. It really is going to be hard to defrost my windows without either of those working. Thank you in advance.

Nick Spearman

Replaced water pump and timing belt. Set timing as instructed. Now I have "high" idle -6000 RPM. What do I need to do?

The locks have been acting up for a while now and I've just come to get used to it, but I'm so tired of locking my keys in my car.
When I unlock the doors with the remote and someone happens to open the passenger door first, the doors will immediately lock afterwards. Then I'll have to start all over.
Sometimes, when I put my key in the ignition, they will all either lock or unlock, depending on whether the were locked or unlocked in the first place.
Sometimes when I'm driving they will randomly lock. I figure it's because my car shakes really bad.
Every time you close the passenger door, they will all lock.
It literally gets stressful and I don't know anything about cars so if someone could dumb it down for me, it'd be greatly appreciated.

The engine is turned off, but the brake light stays on.

My car stereo has stopped working ever since I "crosswired" my battery cables. I'm suspecting a blown fuse, but the one I
located inside, under dash
looks okay. Isn't there ano- ther one?

Prior to this I had no I have spark but seems like no fuel now.relay was also replaced

It happened first time today. After about 10 minutes it turned off but came on again when I started the car again. Car ran great with no other problems. Battery is 3 years old, cables are tight and look pretty clean. What I think may be the alternator belt looks good and tight.