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changed alt and battery. and I am getting no charge coming from altenator.
THe problems that I am experiencing include: bad gas mileage, hesitation during acceleration,and constant misfires. Hesitation occurs everytime I try to accelerate and it takes about 15 seconds to get up to 70 MPH. It...
and also my rear window defogger stopped working. Had problems in the passed with the indicator light when it rained but it always came back to normal when it dried out. This time that's not happening. Took a test on ...
need to replace radiator and need an estimate
The gas pump clicks as if it is full, but it's not,so I squeezed the gas nozzle and gas started coming out as if it was full. Do I have a bad fuel sensor?
Its very sporadic may work several days then stop or come back on.I think its in the switch somewhere ,your opinion is welcome. Do you think its a switch or the blower motor? To add: A Door the back driver will no...
my 2001 Hyundai sonata, the engine cradle is rusted through, is this under a recall. How much will it cost to fix.
My computer was erased when i jumped it when I first bought it.I have driven it for 3 months now and my mechanic said to just drive it.
It has been raining here for the last three days new breaks front and rear
It occurs intermitantly with all different conditions.
Whats been the most common problem with this readout on the OBD II?
My manual transmission seems find all except when I put it in reverse it hesitates 3 to 5 seconds before it engages but then is find but it has been acting this way for a couple months and gets know worse but does it ...
car stumbles slow to get to speed and doesnt want to shift