Buying a 2000 sanota internal a frame crack

how much does the shift sensors cost ? do you need to remove the transmission to replace the shift selinoid

we tried spraying ether to see if it was fuel pump related and it still wouldnt start. after waiting a while it starts up again

Price to include towing. Need done ASAP

I have the rough idle-took it in and they identify the EGR valve. Looking online I see two types for this car the 2.7 V6 versions that are very different. if i can find it on the car and take it off I can match it to the pictures. Where would it be? How many are there 1 or 2?

the right side power window on my 2000 Hyundai Sonata goes down...but will not go up all the way. I need someone to pull it up manually while pushing the button. s the problem my motor, regulator or both?? Any idea??? Thanks for any and all responses.

new one seems real tight to insert into fuel rail

1st time this happen. I think it my be the starter

If someone has a pic of it would be great