when I crank my car it will make a grinding noise coming from the engine. It only happens occasionally. Dealership said it was tensioner and replaced it but noise is still there

are the engine valves adjustable

Struts were leaking oil.

Battery was replaced. Problem still exists. Mechanic says I have to wait for complete failure to check if the starter is at fault. Fails to start on cold mornings after sitting all night.

My cousin seems to think that the door that won't stay open has to do with the electric system. when I use the alarm lock

It drained the battery, and it runs when a charger is put on the SUV. No key in ignition. Brake relay switch was recently replaced (recall), so is it possible they cut or partially cut a wire?

My 49K santa fe running well, I brought my car to dealer for service Drain coolant, Transmission fluid, steering fluid replace filters. 6000 miles later heard a noise brought to dealer again steering pump needed to be replaced, then when i took the car home 6 days later, I noticed that the car was choking and then the engine light started to blink

rear wheels were locked, whether forward or reverse selected. I took wheel off, and I could move rotor about 1/2 ", so calipers were not seized.
AWD 2010 Sante Fe. Park Brake was not applied when shutdown before problem occurred.

This has been happening about 6 months or so. Every time I shift into reverse the locking mechanism with click 3-4 times. I don't notice the lock actually locking/unlocking, but clicks. Any suggestions?

A piece of the santa fe metal is coming out a bit on the back left of the car. The piece looks like it would slide back into the slot but I'm not to sure on how to go about it. How much would it generally cost to fix this problem?

My disc brakes are worn but still have about 6mm of brake pad remaining. The rotors look perfect, but I hear lots of professional mechanics say I should replace them. Is this really necessary?