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I was given an estimate of $1000.00 with parts and labor> Is this correct?
I have brand new tires and just changed the rear shocks. Mechanic states everything looks OK ... but I when I drive at highway speeds and hit a bump the rear bounces like jello. I hit a series of bumps I have to slo...
2009 sante fe manufactured 11/08 is this a early production or late for low beam replacement
broke the 4 clips in the cabin filter, how do I remove the filter box now?
Beautiful sound system but this speaker rattles like crazy.
The car prior to turning off gives no signs at all of any trouble. I have taken it to the dealer and they cannot findout what is wrong. The only thing that turns on on the dash when it happends is the check eng lite ...
Is there a history of problems of this type on Santa Fes?
Lens is broken, need to replace it. Are there pictures available that show the steps to removing and replacing?
2009 santa fe limited I need to replace mirror on drivers side. Only plastic outer shell is broken. Wife hit garage frame and you know the story. Most information says to pop off inside panel and detach mirror by re...
What is the cost to replace the rear wiper arm on a 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe
A rat ate thru my wiring harness where it connects to a fuel injector head, choices are 1. rig a pigtail to fix, 2. replace the entire harness for $2700.
transmission service on a 2009 hyundai santa fe 2.7 V6
My 2009 Santa Fe is in for the 30,000 mile work. I'm told I need a brake system flush and a power steering system flush. Are these needed or are they only to make the dealership money? I feel I'm being ripped off b...
Hi I cracked the side view mirror housing backing out of my garage. Soes anyone have any advise where I can get a new mirror housing and how to replace it??