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Only dove it on Saturday around town. Took it in today and they say the radiator is cracked. Could they have done that when fixing the alternator. I wasn't having any trouble before with it. Should I have to pay for it?
if not, is there any other option on softening the sterring?
Codes 0171 0172 0174 0175 2187 2188 2189 2190. MIL came on for first time on 3/9/15. Car is in great condition. Not driven in city or for long distances.
Do I access it from under the good or through the glove box?
put new TPS on. Had ECM updated. Cleaned sensors like MAP, IAC, PCV Valve, Purge Valve. Checked all connections and vacuume hoses. Cleaned Throttle Body. Still pulling code p0507, P161B, P1295, P2106. Starts and ru...
After diagnostic test I was informed by the dealer that the timing chain in 2007 SantaFe 3.3L 6V needs to be replaced as the engine check light was going off. The cost of the repair is around $2400. Since I purchased...
I was told by mechanic that my timing chain is stretched and needs to be replaced. Is this possible?