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my santa fe came with a monsoon system delphi delco 6 disk receiver and audio amp after looking more into it it seems more difficult then we first thought. that there are to manythings that could go wrong
i checked the power steering levels and they are fine and its not making any whining noise or anything so i'm not sure what it could be. I've been told many different things like the pump, that there could be a air bu...
i just got my santa fe and when i put gas in the tank it will register however many miles until empty in trip range. but it goes down to quick i drove about 5 miles if that and it dropped down almost 40 miles on the r...
Santa Fe with 230,000 miles and the car has been awesome. It is just now starting to have the slipping gear type of issues when engaging into gear...the slippage. I have changed the fluid on regular basics, what else ...
I have to put into neutral then drive for it to shift could this be a sensor on the transmission.
Concerned that check engine light comes on every so often, was told it could be the oxygen sensor, or not consistently using premium gas, or the gas cap not closed tightly.
Vehicle looked and smelled like smoke, about 10 minutes later. left car in garage still fires up, but blower fan isnt working!
Check engine indicator flashes continuously Diesel high Consumption 12.4 l/100Km Some times idles with RPM low and consumes lots of smoke if fuel pedal hit
I had throttle position sensor replaced and also replaced massive flow air sensor and whatever problem is still there but no service engine light on
the car will not start now it turns over but will not fire off it has a winding sound while it is cranking i don't smell gas at all even when i pump the pedal i checked the fuel rail switch i belive is what it is call...
I don't feel this on the down side or flat roads.