Sometimes I have to throw it in gear and step on the gas to get it going and then it usually doesn't give me problems again. Well it just took me 5 or 6 times in the parking lot to get it started and get going to make it to work. What could the problem be? Also sometimes when I turn the ignition off and take out the key the engine doesn't die down for about 5 to 30 seconds, it just depends.

The car completely shut off and I needed a new timing belt and whatever goes with it so what should I start to see going wrong now!!!!! All new was put in the car..... I never had a timing belt put in , and the miles were 178,564..... I have always kept up with the oil change and small stuff but the timing belt and all that goes with it cost $2.000.00 really set me back........

Car starts in the morning, after I drive it and turn it off, it won't start again for an hour or so. Help !!!

Have to pump breaks before it'll stop.

I have also flushed the transmission with proper fluid and cleaned solenoids could it be anything else other than a bad tranny?

Hi, I would like to know why does the air conditioner stays on after turning the car off? There is nothing wrong with the car. It's just that every time I turn the car off, the AC stays on and I have to manually turn it off.

no change in over heating with new stat, radi. fans work fine Mileage 67k started 2 days ago, check engine lamp lit for 2 weeks before, but no bad symtoms

no change in over heating with new stat, radi. fans work fine Mileage 67k

Changed out battery. Due for AZ emissions 2 days later. 02 Heat Sensor & Evap sensors showing Not Ready. Have driven car over 500 miles & had 3 emissions tests (they just told me to keep driving each time). No Check Engine lights. I have a code reader & no codes. Due to go back to emissions tomorrow. 02 & evap still showing not ready. Nephew cleaned all 02 sensors & put them back on on Sunday -- Any suggestions???