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4 days later the check engine lite has come back on. he said this might happen end might have something to do with the catalytic converter. Does this sound possible? Santa FE has 126,000 miles. If so would it be possi...
The power window fuse keeps blowing, whenever I open a window or just when I try to unlock the car with the remote. The doors don't lock, windows don't open and the alarm doesn't work. Everything seems to be fed by t...
have 124,000 miles on my Santa Fe. should be easy to replace on my own? what might it cost for replacement light? Used light if can find one might be way to go?
came on now car will not start no sound or dash lights when i turn the key
will not restart, fuses tested ok, tested spark found ok tested grounds under hood tested ok, can hear fuel pump running when key is cycled. how do you check fuel pressure? cant see any strater valve? any ideas will b...
Where is the timing belt on a Hyundai Santa Fe 3.5L
check engine light, burns more gas and idles sometimes
i have changed c clap on transmission side and just keeeps coming out.
check engine light came on and pulled code for crank shaft sensor. replaced the part 3 times...and car still will not start. also replaced cam sensor.
I have had no other problems with heat or air conditioning or anything else electrical.
2005 Hyundai Sante Fe, one owner. Does anyone know of known problems.. callangie@yahoo.com
I was wondering if theres an O-ring that might be bad in that connection that I could replace or do I have to replace the whole hose.
I can charge my cellphone and other electronic devices with the rear charger. Is it an easy fix or a costly one?