Happens only occasionally. Just this week check engine light came on with code PO711.

Also shows engine code PO711.

Also shows code PO711

blower speed knob and is therea diagram for it

When the car is up on the lift and pushing the gas the to make the tires turn. the driver rear wheel will turn slower than the others and then just stop turning, wheel bearing change and still the problem

Car is still turning off going down the road after its gotten hot. I've changed the throttle position sensor thinking that was the issue. It shuts off with no warning.

What size tools do i need, and where is the spark plug located. Need help asap

on once its put in park and key turned to the off position. Have to allow car to cool down for approximately 10 min so it won't do it again going down road. What could fix this problem? I heard it could be my Throttle position sensor or my Crank.

I could only get my shifter down as far as N. it wouldn't go all the way down to drive!! i had to forcefully slam it in Park& shut my car off 2 get help.it wont start now.I have it tore apart it's very hard 2 move the shifter&car won't start. Please help

I have to Rev high then slam into drive to get going But if I put in park it stalls

I have a Hyundai Santa Fe 2005 (3.5 GLS V6). It's milage is close to 120K. I guess I need to change the Timing belt. However, when I am approaching the repair shops for the same, they are insisting that I should also change the water pump. So after reading some of the online forums (which confirms what the shop told me) I gather that it is better to change the water pump. However, they are charging me somewhat in the vicinity of $1200 for both. But online I saw the the parts cost around $160 (for timing belt) and $60 for water pump, and the labor costs max $600 (approx). So together it should cost me not more than $900. But then why are they charging $1200 (approx) ? I live in Pittsburgh, PA.
Any suggestions/opinions would be greatly appreciated.