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Engine light on P0401 code. Airflow restriction, EGR Valve and EGR Selenoid replaced. Engine light still on same code problem. What next?
WHere can i get a genuine oil cooler for a decent price. i took my car to the garage today and they advised that i had a damaged oil cooler that requires replacement, there is oil leaking from all over,.Advised that ...
i have just bought the Hyundai santa fe 2003. I noticed an oil leak on the front side near the bumper and on the ground. It looks reddish in color. I also noticed a tapping sound when I started the car, the noise is c...
This site allows me to check the cost of a 4 wheel alignment. Can/should that be done on my Santa Fe (which is out of alignment)? I've only ever heard of a front end alignment.
how do i change the master cylinder break actuator valves
as i closed my door the window collapsed and now my window only closes half way . how can i repair this myself
I wanted to know how to remove the fuel tank?
When i turn on my head lights at night, my dashboard lights and tail lights flicker on and off. What should i do?
belt striped on crankshaft sprocket,so cams did not turn,but crank did. Is there a chance of no damage to the top end or bottom end? need advice please?
how do i tighten the powersteering belt?
Hyundai dealer said seal was bad and fluid leaked out of the rear differential. The whole rear differential needs replaced and cannot be rebuilt. Would this not be a drivetrain defect and should it not be covered un...
radio works, but when I press CD button it goes completely blank, can't open cd player. what could it be?
The signal lights and flashers work only occasionally on my Santa Fe. We looked at the fuses and did not find any burned out.
The car is hard to start only when gas is put into the tank