We have replaced heater valve, thermostat, radiator and both hoses fresh antifreeze, flushed out heater core. But once warms up and heat on blows hot for about 10 minutes then gets cooler. If you turn off wait about 10 minutes and turn heat back on it blows hot again, thus is repeat process lately and not sure what else to try

I took it to the dealer and they say iits the passanger seat sensor that tells system if anyone is in the seat. Is this on a recall or how do you fix

I taken mine in and now a day later the transfer case is busted. Whats up wit

I just got an oil change and now the oil is leaking in a number of spots across the middle coming from somewhere around the top of the engine. Not sure if the two are related or just coincidental. How much to repair, is it worth it, or is it time for the graveyard?

Car slowed in acceleration and stopped within 1/2 blk
Has new fuel pump
new timing belt
battery ok
no noises or grinding before shutting down
check engine light came on
replaced cam shaft position sensor, didn't work
replaced crankshaft position sensor, didn't work
tried new crankshaft sensor and new cam shaft sensor at same time nothing.
new timing belt seemed to have some slack - was driven maybe a month with the new belt.
Took belt off and tightened.
Checked fuses, replaced 20amp fuse.
Timing belt is lined up properly.

vor 1 Jahr brachte ich f. diesen Vorgang noch 20 Sekunden!

I was told that to gain access to the fuel lines gong to the fuel tank, I can remove a panel from the hatch instead of dropping the tank? Is this accurate?

Hyaundi Santa Fee 2003 developed a fuel leak. Question is can I use a high pressure plastic line to connect the line after cutting out the bad part? I tryed using what Auto Zone called high pressure rubber hose with clamps and it never worked

How difficult is it to replace a fuel line in this SUV

I just noticed a puddle of oil/diesel under the car, wasn't there this morning. I've just driven a long way and just arrived home. i've opened the hood & when I start the jeep a spray of this comes out of a top section of the engine can anyone help? Not very mechanical - minded. thanks

I've been trying to repair the a/c which suddenly stopped working on the auto select. Will work but only runs with the blower on high and at whatever temp is set. It's too cold with the a/c running on high blower all the time. If you decrease the blower speed it shuts the a/c off. Can't afford to go to the dealer. I have replaced the control panel without any change in symptoms. Any help? Thanks