Shop says I need to replace pump to rack and return lines. I see online costs but he is getting it from Hyundai dealer. I can call Hyundai. How long should it take to replace both lines? thank you

conditioner was told the idle switch may need to be replaced. Cant find it have no idea if that's the problem could you tell me where to look .Problem started when the belt to ac broke changed it the power steering pump sounds like its making noise

we changed the compressor with a brand new compressor each time the third time the a/c blew cool air for a little while 5 min. and the the compressor made noise and the went out

So he put injector cleaner in it and now it won't start at all.

We have replaced heater valve, thermostat, radiator and both hoses fresh antifreeze, flushed out heater core. But once warms up and heat on blows hot for about 10 minutes then gets cooler. If you turn off wait about 10 minutes and turn heat back on it blows hot again, thus is repeat process lately and not sure what else to try