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This happened after I replaced the old one after realising leakage from the cam..
This begun after there was an oil leakages from the cam prompting replacement of the seal... We have tried it over and over again but it still comes off...
Battery is only 3 months old. When I turn the key nothing happens. The first time was 2 wks ago. It started after a few minutes then a couple days later it wouldn't start after I stopped for gas. After about 20 minute...
I have to put the gas in very slowly and it will still continue to shut the pump off.
when engaged in reverse it hashly switches of the engine, it wont move
Every time you stop it makes a noise and misfires.
Has hardly any power eats a lot of gas motor was replaced 2yrs ago Trans needs service I'm sure I wish I could discribe the sound better loud and clang clang clang and maybe hesitates to really go It happens all the ...
Head light bulbs only lasting 4 months
Only other symptom is transmission shift points are high when in drive but in manual shift mode works ok
How often should it be replaced?
When I press the lever of fill nozzle it pops out and filling stops.I have to press the lever very little only then gas goes in the tank but very slow. It takes about 20 minutes to fill the tank. please give your co...
The guy who changed my brakes said the pump is $500 but i don't need it, i feel as though if it was there i need it. Does it need to be replaced?