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I have changed out the timing belt and the engine threw this code after i had finished the job. Thank you
We have replaced the fuel pump in the 2001 Sante Fe without disconnecting the battery. Now there is no power getting to it after being replaced. Power everywhere else just not the pump.
to unscrew the sprocket bolt on the camshaft is it cc or ccw I think it is ccw can you confirm Thanks
Acceleration unpredictability as if cruise control is on, check engine light, throttle sticking, replacement of battery too often, cabel issues, transmission acting wonky, everything you can think of keeps happening a...
The noise sounds like a bearing is going but they cant find out where its coming from.My power steering pump also got replaced. Any suggestions. Steven
2001 Hyundai Santa Fe; 2.7L engine; 4WD... Thanks so much!!!
The car wont turn all the way off, and the key wont come out car is in park and emergency break is off but still cant get it to turn all the way off and to get the key out.
the doors lock work manual only. Normal before the 4 door unlock and lock sincronized sound of actuator . now lock manual and individual door. Ty
they be including the steering rack? We took it in for something else and on inspection they suggested replacing the ball joints. Not sure I want to dump so much money in this thing.
I have a 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe. For the last year or so there has been a problem with the radio cutting out and the lights (both dash and headlight, clock, etc.) dimming when the radio cuts out. This ONLY happens wh...
i need to no where the location is for the ac drier filter
Was driving to work last night, all of a sudden my foot was still on gas by car was going no where. Was able to roll to side of road. Car shifts between gears but goes no where. Still able to turn car off and turn c...
why has my santa fe become so loud when driving strait,and not as loud when turning