2001 santafe manual trns. at times second gear gets stuck when apply brake/while about to stop.then i have to off the vehicle to change the gear and becomes ok. any idea what could be the reason? thanks

Removed & cleaned gas tank, 10 gal fresh fuel, car still sick please help

My car only runs 3km for 1 liters of premium
it really dry my wallet i need to keep fill my fuel
how to fix this guys ?

My truck have an axle shaft broken, and I am searching if it is recall on this part.


after running errands for a few hours in the heat...the car will not turn off even after I take the key out. also after I fill up with gas it takes 4 to 5 tries to get the engine to fire up and stay running.

was told if not interference motor it could be alright to repaired could you tell me vin km8sc73d72u255131 dohc 24v 2.7 v6 2001

Happens mostly after it is used.

ok so im doing a radio install as a present to my mother with the gps n ect. ive done plenty of double din...and single din...but never one to the other, will I be all set with just the radio install kit or will I have to find the brackets for the double din head unit ive watched numerous videos on it and most of them state that I will need to take the brackets from the stock double din head unit and place them on the new head unit...wich I currently do not have as I only have the single din head unit

replaced ect sensor with new one. guage reads high. Put old sensor back in guage reads normal. Tried 3 new sensors all acts the same. car is running normal

I have a Hyundai Santa Fe 2.4 lts engine,shows cam sensor code and after replaced shows the same problem.Engine runs but after 6 or 7 seconds die.If I keep key on starting pos. engine runs for another short period.

How do you determine if it is the sensor or wiring ?
Input & output voltages ?

can't open the rear window

Changed fuel filter and now the car will crank but wont start at all please help

you can see the spark and hear it as you look at the pully