2007 Hyundai Entourage Questions

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sound becomes stronger with strain on engine.

To open doors or set alarm

The passenger side sliding-door, only opens if I hold the handle and press the button. Otherwise, it won't open at all. It's as if it's stuck on something. How do I fix that?

None of my buttons work for the overhead part, and also my power doors are dismantled. Which means I have to open and shut them manually? Going against motor Please help

My front a/c is working fine but the rear isn't.

I have done a little research and found no solution. My van started to stall while i drove it between 5-30 mph now and then (I took it to a service department and they could not find out what the problem could be at this time); after a couple of weeks then it just wouldn't drive anymore (I am trying to prevent making a huge payment on it to get it fixed and i would rather do it myself if i can.) I am able to start it then run it in park, mutual and reverse but when i place the automatic stick into drive the engine shuts off completely. I changed the "Throttle Position Sensor". And I put in drive and it iddled then i shut it off and started it up again but when i put it into drive position it didn't work/iddle again and just shut down again and again. Please give me any advice that can help my situation?

Do I have a leak if my air conditioning needs recharging?

I'm having trouble getting the top mounting bolt out.

Anyone else have this problem and what did they do to fix it?

Had it tested by an engine analyzer. It showed the codes: P0171 and P0174. What are those numbers telling me?

The repair shop says it's not the fuse.He wanted to replace all the bulbs + labor would have cost $161.80. Where is the fuse on the fuse circuit board that gives juice to the rear brake lights and plate bulb. Thank you Geno3

When the engine is cool, just starting out all is good after an hour or so when things heat up the check engine light comes on. A mechanic who didn't have much time checked the codes that indicated there was a fan issue he looked and we saw both were running. Is there a second speed that is not coming on or what. I hear some other cars with the fans coming on and going off. Yesterday I let the engine run with the AC on went inside for 15 minutes when I came out the AC wouldn't blow like the cooling coil was iced up. I drove back to the mechanic and told him what happened he put his gages on it which said both pressures were on the high side but it was cooling fine then. He seemed to think that the fans (2 of them) may have 2 speeds is that true and what is causing this problem. It runs & works fine otherwise.