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I have a metal insulated cup that I have been using for over a year. When I bought this car in December, I started noticing that the bottom of my cup gets hot. Obviously the longer I'm in the car, the hotter the cup...
I clean my windows and within 24 - 48 hours they are filmy, like I've been some sort of chain smoker. When I bought the car I felt it smelled a little odd. I have seen on other sites that it's a small leak in the he...
I have an engine start/stop button on my vehicle. About an hour later, the brake is no longer stiff & the car starts. Why does this happen every so often?
has fluid/water but fails to squirt!
the rear sensor lites up and shows something behind the car as soon as reverse is selected
At least two stone chips in the paint on the hood have resulted in bubbled paint and rust. Rust has also erupted near on headlight, with no evidence of a nick or chip.
I just bought this great car only to find that my wife cannot drive the car. she is short and she cannot push in the clutch all the way when trying to shift. she will not move the seat closer because she heard that sh...