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Front Windshield wiper replacement size?
It sounds like it's in trunk it's worse when I put stuff in trunk or when people sit in back seat.
The heater core gets hot but doesn't circulate heated air. All the online diagrams show temperature arm, lever and actuator door in line drawings on the passenger side but nothing to show how to check it or how they w...
Replaced AC/Heater control unit and cabin filter. AC blows strong out of defroster vents. I get low volume of air out of dashboard vents.
There was no response when I hit the unlock on the key fob. I tried putting the key in the door and it didn't unlock. Oddly enough it happened a previous time when
transmission, how much is a new trans. for a standard car?
Repair shop started out with just needing the ball joints to be replaced and an alignment to follow. Then they stated that it needs a new Left tie rod. And now they state that hyundai says that you cant replace just...
shift lock doesn't work, plastic piece inside slot is broken. can I disconnect this device and /or fix it myself. I am a mechanically inclined service tech is other types of equipment.
Tried jumping it, put gas in it cause it was below E...
Mom's car seems to drive fine unless she is driving in the mountains. She says it won't go over 50mph but Pep Boys can't find anything wrong with it. She says fuel injectors were cleaned 2 years ago, or so. We are ge...
the compressor kicks on and the pipe gets cold but still hot air I checked the fuses and they are ok it seems like the heat control knob does nothing