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The back end "creaks",is noisy when going over rough road/bumps.Its not so much a knocking,but the only way to describe it is an old rust bucket,like the car is VERY OLD..also makes the creaking noise when getting out...
After the car sits all night there is a strong smell of gas in the car. the access to the fuel pump appears to be tight and no signs of a leak
Was driving up a ramp and suddenly the car lost moving, had car towed, shift stick can move from P to 1, but car doesn't move.
I changed the head, bought it from a junk yard. Now it just pops. It does not try to start. The car ran good before this happened.
whether locked or unlocked, without the alarm set. It will shut off with the remote.
I check the break light all are working.. It happen all the time when I step on the break pedal
Car hit a pot hole and bottomed out.... Dealer said I need a full muffler replacement. Costing $1400. Is this a resonable price to pay and what parts are involved in a full replacement?
when i was driving the light inside went off,but outside still on. how can i solve the problem?
sir i have an elantra 2007 model in that i finding fault how much i ever filled the petrol wen it cum below one poin in the fuel gauge the lighkt started glowing ..
I had brought my car in for the 60,000 mile required service check and after I got it back the gas mileage was not the same. Asked the service dept. mgr. and was told it was due to the winter weather, gas additives. ...
The a/c works fine but when it becomes hot outside, the noise gets louder. The max a/c setting on the knob does not work at all either. As you accelerate, the noise gets louder as well.