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Ongoing problem. Have had hoses, clamps and even radiator replaced and it is fine for a while and then starts leaking again. Will a head gasket or water pump cause these symptoms? Does not overheat. Seems to me that m...
I have taken off the door panel and I can see that the window is off the track and the back regulator is not connected to the window. I tried reconnecting the regulator and putting the window on track and I was able t...
Was told by the dealer it was the transmission. Was still under warranty so the transmission was replaced. Car is still doing the exact same thing, bucking when shifting between 20-25mph, after 20 minutes of driving. ...
After traveling for about 20 miles, my car stalls at a red light.
it stops after about a minute when the car is moving.
bought relay flasher, installed it now i don't have blinkers or hazards
With statement on bank 1 camshaft sensor and misfire what can one do ?
A friend sat in the back and pulled the mesh partways out of the trim that holds it.
This occurred 2 days ago. I just changed the air filter today but it didn't look like it needed to be changed. The check engine light is still on. Auto Zone told me this could take a while to clear even if the problem...
are there 2 sensors like 1 imput sensor and 1 output sensor or is just one sensor? thank you!
My front passenger side window will only go up halfway. I am not sure what I need and I am not technical about cars. Can I repair the window assembly myself.