Car does have electric door locks. Only 1 lock button inside though, located on drivers side door panel near window controls. To get in her car, she has to insert her key. I think only works on the drivers door. Can I get a key-fob for her? If yes, How do I get it? Thank You.

There is more damage to the suspension due to the fact that the control arm failed and broken which is under recall are the other parts that are damaged due to this supposed to be replaced under the recall they were damaged due to the failure of the control arm

My steering wheel is locked and my key does not work. I need to locate the steering wheel lock

& valve. Have the parts, but need to have it fixed. What should I do?

The rear defroster works,but cannot see to drive.

Oh ok I have 2003 Hyundai Elantra and the battery won't stay charged what could causing that when alternator is good

I have a question about my 2003 hyundai elantra it has been miss firing for a couple months now and I changed the spark plugs on it and it still doing it and and about two months ago my daughter left the dome light on and it burn the battery down then was a short in it and that is fixs in it but today well I was driving it was miss firing and it acting it struggling to get gas to but before it went all the way out the radio and the clock quit working on it what is wrong with it can any one help me Oh yea and the check engine light is on

The car has bucked now for a few months. Diagnostics P0734 and P0733 indicate 2 gears are locked. Obviously I do not want to replace a trannie on a 2003

40k miles, well maintained. Was off the road and shut down within 30 secs after seal blew.

After a tire rotation I drove off only to realize the lug nuts were loose as my wheel was wobbling. I drove it back to the garage and a few weeks later my caliper is now leaking. It was only for yards in a mall parking lot with speed bumps and stop signs and never more than 3rd gear.

My rear door was damaged and repaired after an accident. The door repeatedly and sporadically keeps unlatching where I have to get out and open and close the door every block or so that I drive it. No passengers can ride in the back due to the risk of the door unlatching. Do you think it's a frame or sensor issue? I tried asking the repair shop but they are not taking responsibility for their shoddy work. All of your opinions are valuable in this matter.

My rear door becomes unlatched unexpectedly. What's causing this problem?

exact location under the dash its automatic