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Occasionally stalls when turning a corner when gas pedal not depressed
28in driver sider cv axle is clicking and needs replaced. Parts stores and dealers say 25in is the correct one. What would explain a 28in being used? The center part of the axle is even longer than the replacement 25i...
The engine light is not on, and it takes about 5 minutes to put $10.00 of gas in my car every time I gas. I haven't filled the take for awhile since it takes so long to do so. Please advise, Deana
Car will not start
The heat works fine when driving, but goes cold when vehicle stops.
No heat from heater till I push gas peddle when I release the peddle the heat goes cool. What's going on?
Both drivers side tires are flat. Steering wheel turned completely to right to drive straight to move vehicle to park. Undercarriage leaking fluid. Will be picked up today by tow truck and dropped off for service. ...
Sometimes at operates normal through all the gears. Replaced trans filter and new oil.
I want to know what that bolts called and where I an find one at.
switch is location in dash or under hood that it look like
My car starts fine just cant take from park to drive. Can anyone help?