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Does this mean that I need to replace the entire motor or can I just replace the barren?
I changed my thermostat and coolant but my car still overheating
I have a hole in the hose behind my exhaust panel and I was wondering what that specific piece to the hose is called, how much Is it, and how simple to replace?
assist me where to either find a Manuel to do this or a website to go to where I can download a Manuel for the information to do the work on replacing the Barrens on my own vehicle. Thanks in advance for all your assi...
I had two of 02 sensors already replaced not long ago. My car has 143K miles
can you show me where the solonoids are located in/on the transmission of the elantra 2000
everytime it has to shift into 3rd, especially in the mornings
My passenger side front of car was making a squealing sound, so we put new brake pads on front tires. Now the car is making a banging noise in that area. Someone thinks it's the ball bearings, but I don't, I wouldn'...
The car iss't getting a spark to the spark plugs and the fuel pump isn't turning on. The car will not crank up but it is turning over.