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My son has a 1999 Hyundai elantra that started acting really sluggish about a month ago. I noticed it had an exhaust leak and we looked at the front cat ( they have 2) and it was glowing red hot. The flexible exhaust ...
up and i got told it could be an oxygen sensor because it started stalling in fast accelaration 0-60
i have changed the transmission fluid, and still has no reverse, when i put it in drive it will jerk down into the next gear, any answers for me
when my boyfriend sprayed with starting fluid it started then cut out..fuel pump??? is it in the tank?
My check engine light came on 5 days ago, but I assumed it was due to my exhaust. I believe I need my exhaust replaced as it is extremely loud when I drive it. But why won't my car turn over??
left side half shaft leaking
suddenly. What is wrong and how much will it cost to replace or repair?
diagnostic test was done with marmd device but no codes present
car was purging in an out pior to thst
replaced fuel pump and filter.