It cranks but doesnt start. If it starts it won't idle

wanted to know if the rims r different from drums to disc. Had this done now there is a loud rubbing sound and the car pulls to the left and if I hit a bump/hole in the road the front end shimmies back and forth

The other controls on the "stalk" work - cruise control, etc. - and the wipers work on the "washer" setting, but the wipers do not work when using the rotary on the stalk. Do I need a new switch, "stalk" or what? I tried replacing the fuse but it did not help.

So my car runs ok for the most part but when I try to shift into over drive it sounds like it just goes back in to nuetral and just revs up the engine. Theres no sounds that it makes like clinks. If anyone has an idea or suggestions please feel free to acknowledge them.

Was cruising at sixty mph and car just downshifted on its own to 3 2 1on its own y almost caused me to crash

after servicing a transmission for a 98 Hyundai Elantra I put 3 qt.of transmisson fluid and it showed overfilled. the car requires 4.5 qts and I changed the fluid twice in a week because the fluid smelled bad the car runs good but its to overfilled. Is there a certin way to check the fluid?

I need to change the valve, and don't know where it is

I need to replace the purge valve, and need to know where it is.

My dash was taking a loose and my heat and air hasn't work since.

I have an overdrive light on saying that my overdrive is turned off but as I look around the car I see no button to turn it back on. Can you tell me how to turn it on?

How i know when there bad

The code reader is reading P0122, and my car is lagging and having trouble accelerating. Just wondering if it's fixable without having to take it to a dealership or mechanic??