I smell coolant when this happens but no leaks. When the a/c off light goes away, everything goes back to working fine.

what does the ground look like.

The grinding started on the highway between 65-75 mph; loudest when hitting the gas pedal from a stop sign or stop light and between 5-15 mph. Now grinding when I start it up.

Thermostat + radiator changed ,antifreeze flushed and replaced, mech states bad guage any ideas what this may be I hear it's common in hummers? The guage stays half way while I drive goes up to 3/4 at idle never goes over never boils over, clutch fan does not have excessive play , please help this is getting expensive trying to fix.

Check engine light on steady

engine lightbgoes on for a day then off for a month, car isn't making any loud noises, not sure where tomget checked?

08 hummer h3 with 57,000 miles check engine light come on, diagnosed, cylinder #4 shows 30 percent leakdown, gm recommends head replacement. out of warranty, and gm says they wont cover it. what can do

While driving my hummer will neutral down & the only way to fix is to put it into four wheel drive. No codes appear Please help thank you

Vehicle was hit on passenger side in back door. the driver that hit the hummer has no insurance. I cant afford to fix the hummer because I only have liability insurance, so any idea what it is worth???