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How do I repair the oil pressure system
refrigerant seems to be frozen on hose.what could it be .how much in cost to fix?
08 hummer h3 with 57,000 miles check engine light come on, diagnosed, cylinder #4 shows 30 percent leakdown, gm recommends head replacement. out of warranty, and gm says they wont cover it. what can do
Motor shuts down uppon applying brakes to slow down. It restarts immediately after. This could happen 3 times in the day.
Also engine light came on. Was backing up & it quit started back up & the engine light came on & the "locked" came up in stereo area???
1. Open with remote.2. Start vech. 3.put in drive.4. Door should lock when in drive. 5. DOORS lights up on dash,chime.6. Try door lock on armrest,push lock,chime,doors lock for 2-3 sec. Open back up. 7. This is the tr...
While driving my hummer will neutral down & the only way to fix is to put it into four wheel drive. No codes appear Please help thank you
Vehicle was hit on passenger side in back door. the driver that hit the hummer has no insurance. I cant afford to fix the hummer because I only have liability insurance, so any idea what it is worth???
I was charged $550 to replace the transfer case fluid, rear pinion seal, transfer case seal, and differential fluid gasket sealer. It seems completely out of line too me but I am not a mechanic so please can anyone t...
Passlock light stays on steady when key is in the "run" position. DIC says, "Traction Control Failed," "Low Fuel" and "ABS Fault." Have tried the relearn steps several times. Takes 30 - 40 minutes to start. Have re...
Cleaned the throttle body and checked connections. Disconnected battery, cleaned terminal and connections. Nothing! It tries to turn over but won't. Started pushing in all terminals checking for loose connections ...
The lights only come on the top of the dome and the outside headlights
I open my driver side door and the radio is still on I have to open up my passenger side door for it to turn off. HELP!
They started working again a couple of times but haven't lately.
I got stuck and as I was trying to get unstuck something sounds stripped in the front end now the vehicle won't move